Action Can SL-90 Lubricating Oil with PTFE 500ml

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SL-90 is an oil lubricant developed to provide excellent temperature and pressure resistance. The addition of P.T.F.E. further reinforces the oil film and extends the relubrication interval for metal to metal contact. Upon application, SL-90 penetrates rapidly then thickens to form a tough, high-performance film which has high resistance to wear and creates an effective barrier against salt water, acids and alkalis. The innovative blend of corrosion inhibitors present in SL-90 provides highly durable protection on all types of metal. SL-90 is resistant to temperatures of between -35 and 200 ˚C. 

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose lubricating oil with exceptional performance
  • Wide operating temperature range −35°C to +200°C
  • EP additives improve high load-carrying capacity
  • Multi-viscosity capability with good anti-fling properties
  • Resistant to water, steam, acid and alkalis