Action Can ZG-90 Silver Cold Zinc or Black Galvanizing Anti Rust Brushable Paint

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ZG-90 is the fast and effective way to touch up galvanized structures. ZG-90 cold zinc galvanize is a zinc-rich paint that provides a combination of rapid drying time, superior coverage, opacity, and protection against corrosion. It is an accurate colour match for newly galvanized steel and is ideal for protecting welding joints and cut ends.
  • Rapid drying time: Touch dry in 2 mins/Hard dry in 20 mins at 20°C.
  • Excellent colour-match for freshly hot-dip
  • Effective protection against corrosion
  • Excellent substrate adhesion and flexibility
  • Crossrail approval #CRL-MCR-004850
  • Non-conductive
  • Black or Zinc Finish