Bartoline Teak Oil 500ml 5L

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Bartoline Teak Oil has been specially formulated to replace natural wood oils in hardwoods such as Oak and Teak, giving back the sheen that is lost after long periods of weathering. Contains a solvent carrier to aid penetration, is suitable for use either inside or out, and is easy to apply with a cloth or brush. A handy ready-to-use trigger spray is also available.

Preparation: Ensure that the surface to be treated is clean and dry. Remove any paint or stain with sandpaper. Wipe the surface with a cloth dampened with Bartoline White Spirit to remove any grease or dirt.

Application: Apply Bartoline Teak Oil liberally using a clean cloth or brush and rub in well, remove excess. For best results apply 2 or 3 coats allowing 24 hours between coats.

After Use: Soiled application cloths should not be left where they may constitute a fire hazard as they can be liable to self-igniting without warning. Immediately after use, wash all cloths with soapy water and dispose of safely outside. Clean equipment with Bartoline White Spirit.

Available in bottle size: 500ml, 500ml Spray Bottle or 5L Container