Braided Hose

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The maximum length you can request is 30 Metres per reel.

If you are buying it by the metre please select 'Per Metre' Then use the Quantity box for the amount of metres.

For example: If you want 15 metres please select 'Per Metre' Then in the Quantity box put 15 then add to basket.

Part no: Nominal Dimension: Internal Diameter: Outside Diameter: Max Working Pressure: Burst Pressure: Bend Radius:

  • HDPVC14 1/4" 6.5mm 11.5mm 16 Bar 65 Bar 30mm
  • HDPVC38 3/8" 10mm 16mm 15 Bar 45 Bar 45mm
  • HDPVC12 1/2" 12.5mm 18.5mm 12 Bar 40 Bar 52mm
  • HDPVC34 3/4" 20mm 26mm 10 Bar 32 Bar 80mm
  • HDPVC1 1" 25mm 33mm 10 Bar 28 Bar 110mm
  • HDPVC114 1 1/4" 32mm 41mm 6 Bar 26 Bar 130mm
  • HDPVC112 1 1/2" 40mm 49mm 6 Bar 20 Bar 165mm
  • HDPVC2 2" 50mm 62mm 3 Bar 17 Bar 220mm

Please note: the given working pressure are based on an ambient temperature of 20˚C . Due to the natural properties of PVC as the ambient temperature increases the pressures the hose will withstand decreases at a average rate of 15% per increase of 10˚C and in similar increments thereafter

• Water Supply and Draining
• Transfer of various Fluids and Power
• Supplying Water, Gas Oil ect. in Agriculture and Industry.
• Other Special Purpose (Please email us for a chemical resistance chart)

• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Flexibility Good
• High Resistance to Alkalis/ Acids
• Silicone Free
• Cadmium Free
• Low Toxicity
• Transparency Excellent
• Manufactured to Comply with BS6066 & IS05774
• The Hose has been tested and complies with US FDA Standards (Food Grade)
• Durable, Anti-Cold Proof, Non-inflated
• High-Flexibility, Light Weight and easy to handle
• No fissure phenomenon by ultraviolet rays and direct rays of sun
• Little expansion or Contraction
• Temperature Range: -20˚C to +65˚C
• All technical specifications remain the same colour variants in each of the corresponding sizes.

If you need the chemical resistance chart please contact us so we can send you a copy over.