Plastic Screw Caps - 6-8G Screws - Two Piece - Gloss Finish - Orange

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Two Piece Clip On Caps With Retaining Washers, To Provide A Protective & Decorative Finish To Screws.
Designed To Fit Screw Ø (mm) 3.5 - 4.2mm
Designed To Fit Screw Gauge (Imp.) 6 - 8 Gauge (G)

Outer Diameter - 13.1mm
Gloss Finish
For use with countersunk screws.

Key Information
Pack Quantity (I.E. 2), Is 2 Coloured Cover Caps & 2 Washers, NOT Pairs & NOT Packs.
Coloured Images Used For Illustration ONLY, Some Colours May Look Slightly Different In The Flesh.

- A plastic washer (base), through which the screw is inserted.
- A plastic cap, which locks over the washers, providing an air & watertight seal that protects fastener head from rust and corrosion.

Fixing is secured through the washer into the workpiece. Cap is then 'snapped' over the washer, mating by means of an interlocking peripheral groove and flange.

Manufactured in Polypropylene.
All materials used are 'food-grade' quality.

Suitable for:
- Aluminum frames.
- Shopfitters.
- Caravans & Motorhomes.
- Boats of all sizes.
- Signs.
- Vehicle number plates.
- Furniture upholstery.
- Cabinetry.
- Electrical and signaling control boxes and panels.
- Other vehicles (such as buses).
- Aircraft.

The Images Provided/Used Are For Illustration ONLY.