Delta 88 Permanent High Temp Retaining Grade 10ml / 50ml Loctite 601 603 Equivalent D88

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Permanent High Temperature Retainer

Loctite equivalent : 601 / 603

Is a low viscosity, high strength anaerobic retaining compound which is designed to permanently bond rigid engineering assemblies. It has a higher temperature resistance than other anaerobic compounds and can therefore be used where a hear build up is expected. It is used for retaining bushings and sleeves on housings or shafts, also bearings, keys and splines. Increases the overall strength of any mechanical assembly/

Colour: Green

Viscosity: Low/ Medium

Set time: Handling time 60 minutes at ambient conditions. Full Cure: 24 hours

Gap fill: 0.3mm

Temperature Range: Service temperature range: -55ºC to + 200ºC

Data sheets are available from ourselves or delta-adhesives website