Eclipse Hacksaw Blade Plus 30 - 300mm / 12" - Bi-Metal Shatterproof Flexible

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A virtually unbreakable bimetal HSS hacksaw blade for superb metal cutting performance and safety.
Manufactured from a M2 High Speed Steel cutting edge electron beam welded to a flexible alloy back.
Precision ground teeth with a positive rake angle and smooth gullet for effective material removal.
Aggressive faster cut than standard milled hacksaw blades.
Blade stays sharp for long life.
Cuts through most types of metals including alloys and stainless steels.
18 Teeth Per 25mm
For hard materials - Over 13mm thick.
Soft materials - 6-13mm thick.

24 Teeth Per 25mm
For hard materials - 3-13mm thick.
Soft materials - 3-6mm thick.

32 Teeth Per 25mm
For all materials under 3mm thick.