Economy Resin Fibre Glassing Laminating Contactor Paint Brush 12 Pack

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Specifically shaped to the shape and size of your hand so you can paint with ease and accuracy. The handles have been sanded smooth so they will not splinter. They are lightweight which make them comfortable to use for long painting projects.

The bristles are held in tight with tin ferrules so you distribute paint evenly. As they have packed firm bristles, they are ideal for cutting in. The bristles give a smooth finish to your painting and are a great addition to your home or work DIY supplies.

Our paint brushes can be used for a whole range of different paints such as emulsion, chalk, prime, top coat, gloss, water based, metal, acrylic, poster, watercolour, satin, oil, wood and gesso paints. They can also be used for epoxy resin, glues, stains and varnishes. Use them to paint rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. You can also paint furniture with them or use them for arts and crafts.