Engineers Hand Files

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These engineering files can be used for a number of smoothing and deburring purposes, and even to sharpen other hand-tools.
They are suitable for use with many materials, including metal, woods, plastics and softer stones.

The Faithfull File Handle is made from hardwood with a metal ferrule to prevent the handle splitting.
File handles should always be used with tanged files for the prevention of personal injury,
supplied with a pre-drilled pilot hole that should be drilled to the correct size for the file tang.
*Please Note- Handles may be sent detached from files for postage purposes however, these will be drilled to size.
Handles are made tight & will need to be 'tapped' on by hand.

Variety of file sizes to choose from:
4" (100mm)

5 different shapes to choose from:
Half Round
3 Square(Triangular)

3 Different Cut types:
Bastard - Cut 1 - Generally used first for quick removal of material
Second - Cut 2 - File for finer finish
Smooth - Cut 3 - Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals