Fit For The Job Emulsion Block Brush 120mm

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FAST & EFFICIENT PAINTING: this block brush is all about getting the job done quickly, featuring a high capacity head that loads up plenty of paint each time for rapid painting with minimum effort.

HI-TECH SYNTHETIC BRISTLES: 100% synthetic filaments give super smooth paint delivery with every stroke for excellent coverage and opacity, minimising the number of coats you need to apply.

COMFORTABLE TO USE: the handle features soft grip for added comfort, so it's kinder to your hands as they'll suffer less wear and tear and won't blister. Carefully shaped to fit neatly into your hand whether you hold the brush with a palm grip or a closed fist grip, it features a ribbed thumb area, giving you plenty of purchase so the brush won't slip and slide about.

EASY CLEAN: the synthetic filaments are easy to clean in warm water after use and hold their shape time after time ready for next use, ensuring your brush will last for many painting jobs.

COMPATIBLE WITH POLES: the handle features a push fitting for extension poles - ideal if you're covering large areas or need to extend your reach without using a ladders or platform.