Fit For The Job Paint Pad Set 6" x 4" - Pad & Handle

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This paint pad and handle set enables you to achieve an ultra smooth finish with emulsion paints, with a large 145mm x 100mm (6" x 4" approx.) pad for fast coverage of wide areas and precision painting up to corners and edges.
Absorbent, high capacity pad gives excellent paint loading and smooth, uniform delivery for fast, efficient coverage
Synthetic fabric gives an ultra smooth finish and, unlike many rollers, gives no paint splatter, spray or flicking during use. The pad is also easy to clean after use - simply rinse in tepid water and dry thoroughly before next use.
Easy fit Click system - simply guide the handle into the channels on the pad and click to lock securely in place
No need for brushes or rollers - paint pads enable you to cut in to corners and edges on walls and ceilings like brushes and cover large areas at speed like rollers.