Hozelock 100-100-250 Rectangular Sprinkler Plus 220m²

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The NEW Rectangular Sprinkler Plus 220 M is a powerful water-driven oscillating sprinkler with flow control. Allowing users to adjust water at the sprinkler; providing even coverage for all gardens.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Adjust the water at the sprinkler.
  • High-performance sled sprinkler with even coverage.
  • Durable and long-lasting.

Even coverage

The New rectangular sprinkler Plus 220 M has been specially designed as a sprinkler solution for any garden and size.

Perfect for lawns and established plants

The sprinkler is mounted on a stable sled, providing great stability on lawns, garden beds or borders.

Adjustable Flow Control

The sprinkler can be controlled to adjust the water flow to target the area being watered – be it a small or a large outdoor space.

A 220m² Max Coverage

This 16-jet sprinkler features an ultra-reliable, water-powered, gear drive motor that operates at all water pressures.

Adjustable Direction

Simply use the red setting rings on the sprinkler to adjust the direction of water jets, to suit your garden needs.