Kapro 842 Prolaser Bambino Laser Level K842X

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  • Displays laser vertically, horizontally cross beam at 90 degrees
  • Indoor laser range of 15 meters (50 ft)
  • Visual 'out of level' warning
  • Self-levelling range of plus and minus 3 degrees
  • Manual mode for angular layout and marking

The Kapro 842 Prolaser Bambino is a laser level with vertical and horizontal cross beams. The laser is innovatively designed for a very broad range of professional and DIY jobs including aligning shelves, pictures, curtains, interior design, door and window installation etc. It has an indoor laser range of 15 metres and has a self levelling range of + and - 3 degrees with a visual 'out of level' warning. The laser has an accuracy of 0.4mm per metre and conforms to CE, RoHS and FDA safety regulations. The level has a manual mode for angular layout/ marking. The protective rubber over moulded casing gives the tool extra protection and is designed with a 1/4" tripod thread to allow you to level from wherever is appropriate.