Kapro 873 Prolaser Vector Green Laser Level K873G

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  • 3 laser beams including 1 horizontal and 2 vertical with a 90 degree intersection
  • Indoor laser range of 30 meters (100ft) / Outdoor laser range of 60 meters (200ft) with detector
  • Accuracy of 0.2mm/meter
  • Strong folding legs for angle mounting
  • Shock resistant rubber casing

The Kapro 873G Prolaser Vector Level features a green beam. Green beams are significantly brighter and easier for the human eye to detect than red lasers, especially in indoor conditions. The Kapro 873G is ideal for aligning tiles, cabinets, borders, mouldings and trims, and door and window installation. This level has a manual mode for angular layout and tilted marking, visual and audible 'out of level' warning, strong folding legs for angle mounting and shock resistant rubber casing. The level is tripod ready with a 1/4" thread should this be required.