Littlefair's Water Repellent Wax Polish

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Indoor Use - Environmentally Friendly - Non-Toxic - Highly Water Repellent

Littlefair's wood products are lovingly bottled by hand in the North West of England (blackburn to be exact) using the unique formulae created by Mr. Littlefair himself.

Littlefair’s Wax Polish is a blend of environmentally friendly, low aromatic waxes which do not contain Toluene. The wax is soft in consistency, easy to apply and quick drying. It will create a beautiful deep shine on both modern and antique effect woodwork. 

This wax is recommended for use following The Littlefair's Water Based Wood Dye. In addition to new woodwork, this wax will protect, restore and rejuvenate all types of wood. 


Approx. coverage of 10m² per litre, for one liberal coat.