Pair of Heavy Duty Adjustable Hook and Band Gate Door Hinges Black Galv & Fixings

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Heavy duty, robust hinges, ideal for use on high use or heavy gates, and external doors. Full adjustability allows the installer to align gates both during fitting, and afterwards, to compensate for gate drop over time. A black powder coating on top of hot dip galvanising results in a more corrosion resistant finish than standard epoxy black. The fully reinforced shoulder allows gate to open fully.

• Suitable for gates up to approximately 50kg
• Recommended maximum width: 1800mm

Supplied with all required high performance fixings including:
2 x adjustable bands
2 x adjustable gate eyes
2 x hooks on plates

Size should be 1/3rd of gate / door width, as a rule of thumb.

Adjustable eye bolt to allow for gate alignment whilst being fitted or Later if movement occurs. Adjustable hook & band hinges are for hanging doors or gates flush with the frame or post. They are ideal for heavy weight, high use doors, gates, garage doors & stable doors in domestic, commercial & agricultural applications. Hot Dipped Galvanised for maximum weather resistance.

These types of hinges are good as you can use the two bolts to adjust the gap between the door frame and the door itself. If the doors swell or move overtime you can make some adjustment without taking the door off.