ProDec 4" Dusting Brush Dust Removal Decorating Tool RDG Soft Brush

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Surface contamination is a key reason why paints, varnishes and other coatings fail: if the surface being painted isn't free from dust, dirt and other debris, the coating won't properly adhere to it and it will fail sooner rather than later. Investing time in surface preparation will save you a lot more time later in redecoration and keep your paint or varnish looking great for longer.

This trade quality dusting brush gets rid of dust and microscopic debris not always easily seen by the naked eye. Unlike many brushes and cleaning cloths that simply flick dust around, the soft bristles collect and move the dust away, ensuring your surface is clean and ready for painting. With the right balance of length and flexibility, it is ideal for flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings, getting into moulded surfaces such as skirting boards and architraves, and for furniture such as cabinets and other surfaces to help achieve a clean surface free from contamination. The brush head is set into a rust-resistant, stainless steel ferrule mounted onto a wooden handle shaped to fit neatly into your hand for maximum comfort.