ProDec Flat Masonry Paint Brush Yellow 4" 100mm / 5" 125mm Traditional Trade

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Traditional masonry brush with a mixture of polyester and pure bristle, designed specifically for masonry paint application.

Traditional masonry brush with a blend of polyester filaments and pure bristle for added durability.
Bristle density designed specifically for masonry paint application.
Extra bristle for maximum paint holding.
Stainless steel ferrule.
Ideal for water and resin based masonry paints.

Tackle demanding masonry and heavily textured surfaces with this trade quality flat masonry brush, with a wide head for rapid coverage. Ideal for all types of masonry paint including water-based smooth or textured, as well as solvent (white spirit)-based, it features long bristles that hold plenty of paint so you're not constantly have to reload it - important especially if you're working off the ground on a ladder or platform.

The brush head is a blend of pure grey bristle and synthetic filaments that combine optimum paint loading with the durability that's essential for the heavy duty demands of masonry surfaces. The density of the bristle is carefully tailored for masonry application, enabling it to get right into textured surfaces including brick, breeze block, render, stucco (exterior cement plaster) and pebbledash and effectively apply paint without splaying at the tip. The heavy duty handle has a hanging hole for storage, which is also a great way to dry the brush after washing and let gravity do the work, helping it maintain its shape ready for next use.

The brush should be cleaned with water or white spirit, depending on the type of paint it has been used with. Note that it is not suitable for use with high viscosity or industrial type coatings.