ProDec PRRE033 7 inch x 1.75" Medium Pile Woven Trade Professional Paint Roller

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Medium pile tiger stripe is ProDec's most popular roller with the trade due to its excellent balance of performance and value. It is a great choice for emulsion on smooth walls and ceilings and is equally at home with masonry paints on semi-smooth surfaces.
  • Durable, trade quality woven synthetic fabric paint roller
  • Excellent paint pick-up and release for a smooth trade finish
  • 12mm medium pile ideal for emulsions (eg. matt, silk, eggshell) and masonry paint
  • Suitable for smooth and semi-smooth surfaces
PAINTS: Emulsion, masonry.

SURFACES: Plaster, drywall, ceilings (including light to medium textured), brick.
  • Not for rough surfaces as the pile is not long enough. Choose either the long pile version with a red stripe, heavy duty or polyamide fabrics instead, depending on the texture.
  • Not for gloss or satin paints. Choose either a short pile roller or ProDec's Gloss Pile instead.