ProDec PRRE034 7 inch x 1.75" Long Pile Woven Trade Professional Paint Roller

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Long pile tiger stripe is popular with the trade due to its excellent balance of performance and value. With an 18mm pile it is a great choice for strong colour changes from light to dark and vice-versa as it lays down plenty of paint, giving excellent coverage.
  • Durable, trade quality woven synthetic fabric paint roller with excellent paint pick-up and release.
  • 18mm long pile ideal for heavy duty application on textured surfaces as well as significant emulsion colour changes.
  • Suitable for emulsions (eg. matt, silk, eggshell) and masonry paint on semi-rough and rough surfaces.
PAINTS: Emulsion, masonry.

SURFACES: Plaster, drywall, ceilings (including medium to heavily textured), brick, breeze block, render.