PTI Foam Gun Metal

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This foam gun has a large sturdy metal body and is suitable for use with professional 750ml gun grade pressurised expanding foam canisters. The gun is ideal for long working periods, with a comfortable grip. The adaptor has a Teflon coating, which resists corrosion and reduces friction and prevents it from clogging up. The sandblasted aluminium body improves the movement of the foam and the copper nozzle is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and durable. The flow adjustment system allows control over the output of the foam, for accurate use and reducing waste.

Sandblasted aluminium body improves the flow of the foam
Nickel plated finish
Stainless steel barrel makes cleaning the gun easier
Durable, easy to clean copper outlet nozzle
Teflon coated adaptor makes it resistant to corrosion
Includes 2 long plastic nozzles and 2 short plastic narrow nozzles
Flow adjustment screw to easily control the flow of foam
Supplied in a sturdy cardboard box
Comfortable, ergonomic handle
Suitable for use with 750ml gun grade foam
Ideal for the following applications:

Gaps in brick, concrete, stone and plaster
Gaps and holes around pipe work and duct work
Spaces around window frames and door frames
Deep joints before applying plaster or sealant
Insulating internally for exterior walls