Sealey Air/Hydraulic Riveter 3/16" Steel Aluminium & Stainless Steel Rivets SA31

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• Powerful tool suitable for both aluminium and blind steel rivets up to 3/16". 
• Supplied with four riveting nozzles and two spanners. 
• Trigger operated riveter with hardened steel jaw assembly and rivet shaft safety cap.


• Air Consumption: 4cfm
• Air Inlet Size: 1/4"BSP
• Blind Rivet Type: Aluminium
• Nett Weight: 1.3kg
• Noise Power/Pressure: 80/72dB(A)
• Nozzle Size(s): 3/32"(2.4mm), 1/8"(3.2mm), 5/32"(4mm), 3/16"(4.8mm)
• Operating Pressure: 90psi