Silverhook Silicone Grease, 80ml Tube

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Operating temperature: -30 to +180 degrees Celsius.

Silverhook Silicone grease is a water repellent, non-melting silicone grease lubricant. In addition to its dielectric advantages, silicone grease is also used to lubricate plastic and polythene water pipes and other fluid pipework during assembly. It has no effect on plastics, rubbers or metals; it remains essentially unaltered in daylight & UV light. It is tasteless, odourless and non-toxic and is classed as an environmentally/user friendly product.

Silverhook Silicone Grease is mainly used in the construction of plastic and polythene pipework, to aid "O" ring assembly, also acting as a water proof or air tight seal on the joint face for the duration of the fixture. Anti-tracking, anti-corona discharge coating, waterproofing electric systems, and major uses in the automotive assembly sector primarily for the insulation and/or waterproofing of electric/electronic components and assemblies.

Protection of porous metallic or ceramic coated metals exposed to seawater spray and rain. Lubrication of "O" rings and seals in pneumatics, compressed air systems, and plastic plumbing systems with the construction industry. Lubrication of instruments, subject to high and low extreme temperatures, centrifuge and autoclave lid seals, cold room trolley casters, anti-spatter agents. Glass and ceramic stopcock and gland lubricant and release agents.