Soudal Fast Acting Solvent Based Gel Silicone Remover 100ml

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Silicone spillages are no longer a problem when you've got a pot of this Soudal terpene based cleaning gel handy. It's a fast, effective and ready to use silicone remover with a no-drop consistency. Are you re-sealing a plumbing fixture? Reach for this product to remove old silicone residue. Did you spill silicone or MS polymers on the job? This product will tidy up unnecessary splashes. It works best on a smooth surface in dry conditions, especially after you've given it a good shake.

The brush applicator will help you distribute the right amount of product exactly where needed. Once it's on, it doesn't need much longer than ten minutes to work, so you'll be on to the next job in no time.

• Fast acting and effective

• Easy to apply with brush applicator

• Doesn't drip

• Removes cured silicone and hybrid polymer residue

• Especially useful on non porous surfaces