Soudal Fixall Soudal Fix All high Tack Super Strength Hybrid Polymer Adhesive

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This waterproof adhesive & sealant from the Fix All High Tack range by Soudal is suitable for use with most surfaces around the interior & exterior of your home.

The 100% Crystal clear sealant, adhesive and filler, based on SMX Hybrid Polymer technology, is suitable for internal and external use. Can be applied in all weather conditions. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials, including wet and damp surfaces. Contains XS1 fungicides providing ultimate mould resistance.

Super strong sealant and adhesive with high initial tack and end strength (320kg/10cm²). Based on SMX Polymer Technology, High Tack achieves high performance flexible bonding and sealing of all types of materials onto almost any surface, both porous and non porous, even if wet or humid. Contains XS1 fungicide providing ultimate resistance against mould growth.

Permanently flexible and Waterproof
For use on Concrete, stone, ceramics, bricks, masonry, metals, most plastics & wood
Solvent free
UV Stable
Can be painted after application

Features and Benefits
Fix All® High Tack is the ultimate adhesive/sealant, based on MS polymer® technology, ideal for all sealing and bonding applications on all materials. It's impervious to mould, can be overpainted with water based systems and has good weather and UV resistance. Its high initial tack reduces the need for you to apply initial support.

Friendly to user and the environment: no solvents, halogens, isocyanates, acids
Fast cure rate even at low temperatures
Odorless and non staining making it easy to use
Suitable for application on uneven surfaces and can be applied on wet surfaces, even under water
Primerless application in most circumstances and can be painted afterwards.