Spear & Jackson 50m Bricklayers Line

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Strong braided nylon bricklayer's lines

  • Produce a straight line under tension
  • Unlike twisted lines it will not fray when cut
  • High visibility means lines are easy to see on site
  • Easy to unwind spools for ease of us

Pack of two large Spear and Jackson rubber corner blocks enables bricks and blocks to be laid straight.

  • New improved design with rubber surface and grooves to prevent slippage.
  • High visibility green makes them easy to find.
  • Lightweight and robust construction.
  • Easy to use and can be used single handed.
  • Fitted with integral line tidy.
  • Blocks are angled at 87.5 degrees so that when under tension they square up into the corner of the brick for better grip and more stable line.

The Spear & Jackson Braided Nylon Bricklayers Line is for use when bricklaying or marking out jobsite. The strong nylon construction produces a straight line when placed under tension between 2 points, such as with line pins.

Unlike twisted lines, this line has been braided to ensure that it does not fray when cut. The line is supplied on an easy to unwind 50m spool, which prevents the line from becoming tangled with other tools while being stored in your toolbox.