Talon Rubber Lined Munsen Ring Clips & Steel Backplate

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Talon Rubber Lined Clips are an essential part of any professional pipe installation. They are the ideal product for the suspension of both rigid and copper tubing using threaded rods and studs. Talon clips are expertly designed to fit two sizes of suspension rods.

They are supplied with a dual-base thread, meaning they will accommodate both 8mm (M8) and 10mm (M10) standard suspension rods and studs. They are adjustable, which ensures they will fit all pipe sizes. The rubber lining ‘hugs’ the pipe as well as acting like a noise restraint, minimising the risk of any rattling or movement in the pipework.

EDPM Rubber certified
Will not decay under UV light
Fit with just one screws
Resistant to high temperatures

Please note when buying with a backplate if you buy a Male backplate this has a fitted thread to it. If you buy a female version you would need to provide your own M10 threaded bar.

The male backplate has a total drop of 40MM.