Zero In Clothes Moth Killer - Spray / Balls / Powder / Traps

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Clothes Moth Killer Spray - 500ml
Kills clothes moths, their larvae and eggs.
Long-lasting, solvent-free and odourless.
Water-based treatment for wardrobes, cupboards and drawers.
Now with advanced anti-bacterial action, leaving the treated surface free from germs.
Contains Cypermethrin and Benzalkonium Chloride.

Moth Balls (10-pack and 30-pack)
New generation moth balls effectively kill moths, larvae and eggs.
Protect clothes in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and storage.
No fumes, no unpleasant smells, no stains.
Up to 3 months protection.
Contains Transfluthrin.
100% biodegradable packaging (10 pack).

Moth Killer Hanging Units (Multi-hook / single unit)
Continuous effective protection against moths, their larvae and eggs in wardrobes, cupboards and storage areas.
Lasts up to 4 months.
No unpleasant smells, drips or staining.
Multi-hook: Multi-hook space saving system that includes the added benefit of increased hanging space in wardrobes and cupboards.
Single: Can be used alone or as a refill.
Contains Transfluthrin and Geraniol.

Clothes Moth Killer Spray - 300ml Aerosol
Kills clothes moths on contact and provides long-lasting control of larvae.
Surface treatment for wardrobes, drawers and storage.
Up to 12 months protection.
Contains 1R-Trans Phenothrin and Prallethrin.

Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Killer Trap (and refill - 2-pack)
Proven Demi-Diamond pheromone technology, designed by experts, tested by professionals, and used by millions of satisfied customers.
Includes push button life-time indicator that tells end-users when to change the pheromone glue board.
Treats a standard wardrobe area for up to 12 weeks - 50% longer than other brands.
Hand or stand in wardrobes and cupboards.
Refill pack contains 2 life-time indicators and 2 pheromone glue boards.